Best Coffee Maker 2019 – Top Rated and Reviews

Are you always in need of a perfect cup of coffee when you get up in the morning? What if you have the best coffee maker 2019 at home to serve it to you instead of going to a nearby café shop? Sounds exciting right? It is surely possible if you know which of the coffee maker is reliable and will give you the taste and texture you love in your coffee.

There might be a lot of research needed to get to the right one as there are hundreds and thousands of coffee makers claiming to be the best one on the market. Here we have put in all our efforts to find some top rated coffee makers so that you have the right direction to start and decide which actually the best one for you is.

We only have focused the ones that have the best reviews online and customers are satisfied with their performance in real time. So, expect to find a sorted list of coffee makers here, which exhibit high-end rating by their users.


​Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup ​


OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup


​Hamilton Beach 12-Cup

Top 10 Best Coffee Maker 2019

Now let’s get into the ABCs of all the products we have found, based on our standardized criteria that analyzes all quality features, performance and prices to sort the best ones.

#1 The winner: OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

For those who want to get the best even if there is a bit of extra cost involved then this truly intelligent coffee maker is one of the best choices among others of the same kind.  The barista Brain 9 cup coffee maker combines the unique feature using the high-end technology to bring in the taste and texture that you get from the handmade coffee brewing process. The professional grade coffee comes out brewed to its perfection to let you indulge into the aroma and the unique bitterness of coffee beans without any trouble.

No matter if you are a starter and don’t know the perfect settings to get the best cup of coffee, the OXOX barista Brian is able to set the time and the brewing cycle with the help of a microprocessor. This automated setup assures you will get the same high-quality taste no matter who is operating it.

The consistent and balanced temperature is maintained at 197.6 F to 204.8 F that assure that your coffee will sustain an optimum temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

OXO barista assures the extraction of the flavor from the ground coffee in a way that you will get the wholesome taste that is irresistible.

It is surely very simple to use and involve no complicated setting for a perfect cup of coffee which is a bonus for starters as well. All controls are provided on a single backlit LED display dial that assures you can use it easily.

The Good

  • check
    ​Sleek and smart design
  • check
    ​Optimum temperature control
  • check
    ​Microprocessor for time control and brewing process
  • check
    ​Easy to work with
  • check
    ​Offer single cup and 9 cup

The Bad

  • ​​Costs more than an average coffee maker

​If you are a coffee lover who needs a cup of coffee with the perfect taste, aroma, and texture, OXO Barista is for you.

​#2 Our Ru​​nner-up: Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

Though it’s a runner-up it doesn’t mean there is any compromise regarding the features and performance of the coffee maker. It is simple and easy to use for any level of users.  No need to operate complicated settings and operations and makes a perfect coffee drink within minutes.

It consists of a 1500-watt heater that assures hot cup of coffee in no time while maintaining the temperature range around 195 F to 205 F.

The shower head water sprinkle on the ground coffee assures even soaking of the coffee leaving no uneven dry spots hence brings in the maximum taste brewed in a perfect way to give you the best taste and aroma.

The carafe of this coffee maker has its own worth because it is lined with stainless steel and offer a great thermal carafe interior to keep the heat consistent inside. In addition to that, the carafe is dishwasher safe and has the well-designed vacuum wall chamber to keep it safe.

It is better not to judge through its simple appearance and design it is a lot more sophisticated coffee machine when it comes to the performance and quality of coffee you get at the end.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Shower head design for an even water sprinkle
  • check
    ​​Deliver hot coffee
  • check
    ​​Able to make 8 cups in no time

​The Bad

  • ​​There is no computerized function or technology involved

​For those who are looking for a handy affordable coffee maker that is capable of giving you the best taste, Bonavita is a perfect choice. Though it is not much sophisticated but does its job well in time to the perfection.

​#3 Hamilton Beach 12-Cup, Programmable BrewStation Dispensing Coffee Machine

Hamilton beach programmable Brew station is a mix of latest technology and old coffee brewing techniques to give you a cup of coffee that will kick-start your day.

The most prominent feature of this coffee maker is that it brews coffee delivering right you’re your cup. So freshness and hot coffee are guaranteed in your cup of coffee.

As there are no trays, no carafes involved you can lower the mess around your kitchen shelf as it gives you a cup of coffee without these accessories.

In addition to that, you may also notice that the coffee maker also offers some sophisticated features including the display menu, the clock that is programmable, automatic on and off, and the warming plate that regulates the temperature automatically.

Another plus point is its capability to brew the coffee in different styles giving you bold, iced and regular coffee flavors. Though it has a simple design, it still offers sophisticated and high-end functions for better taste.

We may not find a combination of old and new techniques in the same coffee machine but Hamilton offers both in a perfectly balanced version of Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee machine.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Easy to operate
  • check
    ​​Well-designed display menu
  • check
    ​​Different brew styles with adjustable settings

​The Bad

  • ​​Temperature control is not there
  • ​​Gives coffee for a fixed cup size

​With a combination of old and new technologies and coffee brewing process, this is perfect for those who need to have coffee as per their mood and needs with different texture and flavor.

​#4 Best Cheap coffee maker: Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable

For those who need to get a budget-friendly deal and find the best coffee maker, this Mr. Coffee BVMC 12 cup programmable coffee maker surprises most of its users because of its high-end features and performance and price.

You don’t have to worry about emptying your pocket for the best coffee maker as now you have Mr. Coffee Programmable coffee maker with you.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker offers features like freshness indicator as well as the strength scale to offer you the best taste you deserve.

It comes with a lightened display having the control button and operations clearly mentioned for your convenience. The machine is customizable if you need to add on a special carafe as per your need.

This coffee machine is pocket-friendly and will not be a burden for you and promises you the best performance to give you the 12 perfectly made cups of coffee.

With such a low price tag, who would not want to buy a coffee maker that offers quality as well?

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Lowest possible price
  • check
    ​​Easy to operate
  • check
    ​​Comes with high-quality features

​The Bad

  • ​​Makes some annoying sound

​With such a low price range anyone who is in need of getting a perfectly made cup of coffee would never want to miss the Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker.

​#5 Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker

Hamilton beach offers you a luxurious coffee making experience through its easy and high-quality coffee brewing, easy cleaning and great taste of coffee every time, every day.

Though we have discussed one earlier this is also a gem in our list of the best.

The coffee makers come with the power functions and easy to operate processes that make it high in rank as compared to other coffee makers.

It is fairly simple to use and assure convenience for the starters.

The easy to access and operate control panel, removable components and swing basket assure easy handling and cleaning of the machine.

This Hamilton Beach 12 cup coffee maker features programmable functions with the help of high-end technology, temperature control, blend and volume of the coffee to be brewed and all the features that assist you in getting the perfect taste you prefer.

In addition to these features, the base of this coffee maker is mobile and offer more convenience. You can reach water reservoir and the tiny roller help in keeping the brewing function consistent.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Easy to operate and control
  • check
    ​​Digital display and panel
  • check
    ​​Can be customized with add-ons

​The Bad

  • ​​Jamming issues are reported

​This Hamilton beach 12 cups programmable model offers more than the enlisted features here and will not disappoint you in any way.

​#6 BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Some people don’t want to take chances when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee and this Bunn Velocity brew is for such serious coffee enthusiasts.

It is capable of making or brewing around 12 cups of coffee within just a few minutes and offer powerful functions and features for the users who don’t want to waste their time playing with the coffee making process and features.

The water tank is of stainless steel paired with 800-watt heater that takes the temperature up to 200 F. the carafe is sealed and vacuum insulated to make sure the coffee will be served hot.

Other features that would be a great thing to know include the large volume capacity that assures to brew 20 to 50 oz. coffee without any hassles.

The after sales service is also not bad as they offer a complete refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the performance and results.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Heat and temperature control
  • check
    ​​Large volume capacity
  • check
    ​​Quick brewing

​The Bad

  • ​​Cost more than an average coffeemaker
  • ​​May give out certain burning smell sometimes

​If you are serious to bring out the best brewing taste of your coffee, this Bunn BT Velocity coffee maker is one that you need.

​#7 Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve & Full Pot Coffee Maker

The dual brew settings with two-way brew technology give the perfect taste to the extent you need it.

Some people get confused either they should have single cup brew or multi-cup brewing machine at home. This issue has been solved as this Hamilton beach offers both options to customize the brewing process as per your required amount of coffee.

The single serving side of the coffee machine can help you brew few ounces at a time to get a perfectly made single cup of coffee easily.

The multi-cup brewing side offers a carafe, water tank that helps in brewing almost 12 cups of coffee at once for your whole family. It assures a mess-free coffee brewing either you need it for the whole gathering in your office or at a home party, easy and convenient coffee brewing helps you manage it quickly.

With the help of this Hamilton Tow way coffee maker, you will not have to waste large pots of coffee or make a mess around. You can make an exact amount of coffee with this perfect coffee maker.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Easy to control
  • check
    ​​Programmable features
  • check
    ​​Two-way brewing for one cup and multiple cups
  • check
    ​​Low price

​The Bad

  • ​​Bulky design
  • ​​Not suitable for beginners

​Easy to use a coffee maker with large capacity and two-way brewing for preparing the exact amount of coffee you need, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is one of its kind to give you the best experience ever.

​#8 Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer - Best High-End Model

This Moccmaster Coffee brewer offer features with controlled brewing time and the optimum temperature you can get the exact taste and aroma you need in your coffee.

As a fact it has been announced as the best option you can have on the market and definitely, the coffee maker lives up to this claim very well.

It comes up with the automatic setting and drip-stop as well as the 10 cup and 1.25-liter capacity so that you don’t have to refill it again and again.

The copper heating elements in the Moccamaster is the best feature among all that it offers offering a range of 196 F to 206 F that ensure you will get your coffee having a nice and hot aroma and temperature you will love.

It is very easy to use and the controls are accessible for convenience. It also offers controllable processes and temperature to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.

Brewing, filtering, cleaning, and saturation can be selected easily.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Large capacity
  • check
    ​​High-tech heating elements
  • check
    ​​Easy to use

​The Bad

  • ​​Bulky design
  • ​​A little bit expensive

​Though it takes much space on your counter, it gives out a lot to appreciate the design and functions of Moccamaster. For coffee critics, it is a must to try.

​#9 Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe - Best Value for Money

For controlling all the coffee features you must be having this Cuisinart 14 cup coffee maker as it offers the best value for your money. It is a machine that may become a part of your regular routine.

There is a programmable menu for your easy operation and settings so that you get the most favorable coffee taste and aroma you are looking for.

Automatic on and off controls, temperature controls, customized cup serving, and a complete tracking of the cleaning cycles makes it one of a kind.

The drip-free sprout assures convenience for the user to avoid splashes of coffee on your hand. It offers you a wide range of coffee styles and flavors as you need them without making any mess around.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Mess-free use
  • check
    ​​Easy to operate
  • check
    ​​Customize coffee flavors
  • check
    ​​Makes more than 12 cups at  a time

​The Bad

  • ​​Not too cheap
  • ​​May give out a certain smell

​No one may expect so much convenience for making perfect coffee up to your specific taste, except when you have a Cuisinart coffee machine with you. It gives the best desirable taste in no time and with no mess at all.

​#10 Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker System

As the name indicates, Mr. Coffee promises optimal coffee experience at your ease.

The coffee maker follows the perfect blend of brewing and temperature control to create an optimum taste in the coffee that no one would resist.

The coffee machine offers perfect taste and convenient operation. You will get quality as well as your desired quantity of making the desired number of cups needed.

The unique filtration system removes 97 percent of the total impurities that comes out. The coffee maker also features quick preparation of your cup of coffee without having to wait for completion of the brewing cycle. It features cleaning cycle reminder so that you clean it when needed.

For those who are looking for a cup of coffee that is made to the perfection then it is the one.

​The Good

  • check
    ​​Great taste
  • check
    ​​Complete controlled features
  • check
    ​​Quick brewing
  • check
    ​​Makes almost 10 cups
  • check
    ​​Easy to maintain and clean

​The Bad

  • ​​Control could be confusing for some people

​For a complete set of automatic features and quick coffee making process this Mr. Coffee optimum Brew works best to give the desired quantity with quality as well.

Things you need to know about before buying the best coffee maker

To make sure you don’t have to take on the guesswork for finding the best coffee maker for your home or office, we have done plenty of research for helping our readers find the best ones for them. Based on the detailed understanding of these machines you may have to compare and explore a few things that determine the best one for you. here are a few things you have to keep in mind before making your decision:

Brewing process and type

You may explore which of the brewing type works best for the kind of taste you need in your coffee. Commonly there are following types of brewing style found in most of the coffee makers

  • Automatic or drip coffee maker
  • Single cup coffee brewing
  • French press coffee brewing
  • Espresso
  • And pour over brewing style

Make sure to understand the benefits and drawback of each brewing style to understand your own preferences and get the right one for you.

The size and capacity

Make sure to know the size and capacity of the coffee machine. You may compare the water tank size and the ounces of ground coffee it can brew.

Serving Size

Some machines come up with single cup serving size, some have multi-cup serving options and some offer both. Make sure you find the one that matches your needs.

Cup Size

Adjustable cup size or quantity of brewed coffee is perfect for those looking for customized quantities of coffee serves as per their needs.

Memory and microprocessors

High-tech coffee machines can save the settings and remember the operation to give the same kind and amount of coffee that the user mostly need. this may increase the overall cost but it is worth buying such a coffee machine to lower the hassle at home.

Automated Features and functions

Automatic or automated features lower the effort on your side and manage to brew, serve and maintain the functions of the coffee maker without much assistance from the user. Automated off and on controls, cleaning cycle indicators and temperature controls are the most commonly found features in such machines.


Price of the coffee machine matters if you are on a budget and you can compare prices to find the best budget-friendly offer you can have. Though investing in high-tech coffee makers will let you enjoy the true luxury as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

People might have many questions regarding the various functions and features they can find in different types of coffee machines available on the market. Here we’ll put our best effort to consider some of the queries to help the readers better.

1. Why would I consider purchasing a coffee machine for my home?

Automatic coffee machines help to brew professional grade coffee without leaving your home and give you instant, hot cup of coffee to start your day. So, it is surely a  good idea to buy one.

2. Is a drip coffee maker cheap or not?

Of course, ​the best drip coffee maker is cheap and convenient to use as well. If you need a simple coffee machine it would not cost you a lot except if you buy a sophisticated high-tech machine with lots of digital features in it.

3. Is it easy to clean a coffee maker?

Some coffee machines come with cleaning cycle alerts that help you know when it needs to be cleaned. Mostly you can wash the carafe but you don’t wash the whole machine under running water. Rather you may use hot water in the water tank and run the machine for one cycle that will clean most of the inner components without any damage.

4. Coffee machines are durable, is that true?

Of course, the best quality coffee machines promise to give a long lasting performance for their users.

A coffee maker is surely a blessing for the user who needs a cup of coffee every day.

Though finding the one that offers easy operation and desired quantity and quality is the thing that is important. Make sure to see if it is made up of sturdy and durable materials that are BPA free and you don’t have to change the components all the time.